Our team has the experience to produce highly engaging games using visually enhanced 2D art, 3D modelling, game characters, game UI, visual effects, animations and programming. We’ve produced racing games, shooting games, puzzle games, casual games, educational games, and action and arcade games. We’ve made them all. We’ll make your idea. And we’ll make it better.

Game Design

Our game designers create the game’s architecture. They visualize the game, write the storyline, design the levels, and define the ecosystem. They also oversee the teams to ensure that everything works on time and on budget.

UI/UX Design

Our team includes user interface and user experience specialists. They work closely with the rest of the team to ensure that the visuals look inviting and the gameplay feels natural and intuitive.


Game animations can be 2D or 3D depending on the game. We do both, ensuring that movement in your game is always smooth and realistic, and the graphics immersive and entertaining.

All the games that we develop draw in players and keep them playing. But we also have specialists in the latest immersive technologies: in VR and AR. They’re technologies that deliver an unforgettable experience—and they’re not just for games. Our VR and AR applications have enhanced experiences for architecture firms, real estate, the auto industry, and sports.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality creates a whole new world. It gives game players a unique experience and a whole new level of interaction. It also lets clients walk through virtual spaces, shows products before they’re built, and enables designers to walk around their ideas before they start prototyping. It’s the real deal.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality adds virtual products to the real world. Whether you’re hunting for digital creatures or overlaying your environment with information you need, Augmented Reality enhances your senses.

Art design turns your video game concept into visual art. We’ll work with you to determine the look and the style of your game.

Character Design

Our team of character artists work in pre-production. They bring your ideas to life and create the heroes and the critters who will populate your game. They don’t just design characters; they create the character of your game.

2D Art Design

Our 2D artists create the storyboards and the backgrounds, and develop the obstacles in platform games. They work with the game designers to give the game colour, setting, and character.

3D Art Design

3D art designers build worlds for players to explore. They create the characters and build the vehicles, props, scenery, background, objects, textures, and clothing. They form the game’s visual elements for players to explore and use.